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››› November 1, 2011 | Posted By Maren Hall-Weickert '13


Fellow Londoners and blog-passers-by, my name is Maren Hall-Wieckert. It feels egotistical to take up your time by giving an autobiography, so suffice it to say that I am currently from Nashville, though only by way of California. The past 2 years at Oberlin have been fantastic for me, and I constantly find myself looking forward to future years here, though not quite as much (at least at the moment) as I find myself looking forward to London.

I have been to London twice before, once when I was too young to truly appreciate what I was seeing, and again when old enough but without enough time. This time around I intend to immerse myself as fully as possible, and to take the time to see with eyes more mature (though no longer as keen) than before. IF (and that is a big, capital "if") you, reader, continue to frequent this blog you will get to hear me pontificate about monumental architecture, the splendor of the British Museum, perhaps some experiences playing rugby with a local club, and many other wondrous things not found at your local movie theatre of sights.

However, despite the promise and possibility of future months in London, for now I (just as you) must gird myself for winter and prepare for the oncoming slurry of work and study that awaits us all. Bummer.

Thanks for taking the time,

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that's such a baller picture

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