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Looking Frontwards
››› September 26, 2011 | Posted By Chris Herndon '13

I'm watching the New England Patriots play the Buffalo Bills right now, but I'm watching on the internet, because here in Ohio CBS tends to exclusively show the Browns or Bengals. So this live internet television set-up is some sort of shadowy operation which gets its feed from what appears to be a Spanish redissemination of CBS Sports. So whenever there's a break in the action, like actually at this very moment, I get to gaze upon two guys speaking in Spanish about football. And I've muted this broadcast and I'm listening to music instead, so I can't hear what these two are saying. I don't speak Spanish, though, and so I don't lose anything by leaving their moving mouths silent. But in London, people speak English. I'm going to go to London next year, next semester, this upcoming spring semester. I think that London is a fairly diverse city, so I'll probably hear some languages that I don't comprehend. It'll be nice to hear those languages without feeling like I need to communicate in them to get by. The Patriots are beating the Bills by a score of fourteen to zero. The second quarter is about two-thirds gone. Gronkowski is having a great game. Just caught his second touchdown, like in the middle of when I was writing that sentence before this one. Twenty-one to nothing now. The Bills came into this game undefeated.

I'm looking forward to going to London. I don't have to get on any waitlists next semester. My classes are already chosen. Registration will be a breeze. I'll see more plays in these three spring semester months than I will during any other three months in my life, probably.

I wonder what being an export of the United States of America will feel like. I drove across this country a few months ago, from Massachusetts across, through South Dakota and Wyoming and Idaho and those sorts of places. I am enamored with the U.S.A. now, after seeing those states and the color of the land out there. One of the exciting prospects about going to London is the opportunity of all that tightly packed territory. Maybe I'll get to travel to the Scottish countryside next semester. Maybe I'll "take a ride through the Chunnel."

I will write about what the days and times are like when I am in London, so consider this a tantalizing appetizer. In the spring semester, which will include some of the winter season, I will begin to experience experiences in London on this London program which I won't be able to keep to myself...

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