Overshare: Shaving My Legs

Today I did something that I can safely say most Oberlin students do not do: I shaved my legs. Now,...
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Challenging Norms

At home, I was flushing the toilet all the time--and wasting so much more water--so that when I got back to Oberlin I had to re-condition myself not to flush automatically.
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Looking Deeper

How much do you know about the history of recycling and public transportation in the U.S.?
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alternative menstrual products

For me, SEED House has been all about further improving my everyday lifestyle so that it is as ecologically-friendly as...
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Winter Term Impressions

Who's greener: NYC, DC, or Boston? My impressions of east coast cities and colleges from an environmentalist perspective.
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A Little at a Time

Learning to use less energy is easy!
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winter term and travels!

winter term overview!
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Old and New Friends and Clothes

Look at how much we buy and don't end up using--but isn't it great that we can so easily have clothing swaps to both have fun and reduce our consumption?
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Take a peek at the seed house fall plot!

many home gardens in oberlin are abandoned in the fall season, despite the delicious crops that can be grown...
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Reconsidering waste

In SEED House, we all strive to reduce our ecological footprint through daily measures like turning off the lights when...
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Response to 'Unplugged'

Sophia's recent 'Unplugged' post reminded me how helpful it is to describe many of the daily habits that have become...
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Turning energy-saving advice into habit is one way to start living more sustainably.
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Cooking leftovers in SEED House!

Last Tuesday, right before Thanksgiving, I hosted a dinner for friends at SEED House. From my other post, you may...
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Once you compost, you never go back

Ever since I got into OSCA (Oberlin Student Cooperative) last fall, I have been composting food and other biodegradable items...
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how i got from an oil company in texas to an experimental "green" house in ohio.
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