Overshare: Shaving My Legs

posted by Margaret | Today I did something that I can safely say most Oberlin students do not do: I shaved my legs. Now,...

Challenging Norms

posted by Sophia | At home, I was flushing the toilet all the time--and wasting so much more water--so that when I got back to Oberlin I had to re-condition myself not to flush automatically.

Looking Deeper

posted by Sophia | How much do you know about the history of recycling and public transportation in the U.S.?

alternative menstrual products

posted by Marlee | For me, SEED House has been all about further improving my everyday lifestyle so that it is as ecologically-friendly as...

Winter Term Impressions

posted by Margaret | Who's greener: NYC, DC, or Boston? My impressions of east coast cities and colleges from an environmentalist perspective.

A Little at a Time

posted by Grace | Learning to use less energy is easy!

winter term and travels!

posted by Mandy | winter term overview!

Old and New Friends and Clothes

posted by Sophia | Look at how much we buy and don't end up using--but isn't it great that we can so easily have clothing swaps to both have fun and reduce our consumption?

Is your toilet running?

posted by Kevin | A Running Toilet Is Like Pouring Money Down the Drain A running toilet serves no useful purpose. It draws precious...

Green EDGE Fund

posted by Josh | Hey all! Over the past few years, at least one resident of SEED House has also coincidentally been a member...

Sorting Things Out

posted by Kevin | SEED House gets a little lesson in Oberlin's curb-side recycling program, and decides to share it with the world.

Cutting down on shower time...more ways than one

posted by Joseph | You may have heard of us SEED House residents timing our showers and competing to see who can get down...