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This site allows current students and faculty of the Oberlin-in-London Program to share their experiences of the program, especially for the benefit of those who may be interested in applying for future semesters.

Blogging from and about the Spring 2012 London Program were Logan Buckley '14, Hannah Combe '13, Walter Gordon '14, Maren Hall-Wieckert '13, Chris Herndon '13, Nicole Le '14, Whit Schorn '13, Arielle Swernoff '14, David Tisel '13, Prof. David Walker '72, and Robin Wasserman '14.

We encourage you to interact with us as we document our adventures.

About the Program

Oberlin's London Program is a life-changing experience: a chance to study with a small group of motivated students and stimulating faculty in an extraordinary city, in the presence of great museums, music, theater, history, and a thriving and diverse culture.

Unlike most study away programs, the Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program offers students the opportunity to study abroad with professors from our own campus — and in one of the world’s most exciting locations. It thus combines the thrill of living in a vibrant international metropolis with the rigors of first-rate education. The curriculum makes intensive use of all that London has to offer. Classes are designed to immerse you in the city — much learning takes place outside the classroom. Courses are both disciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Moreover, the program offers an intimate intellectual environment. Each spring, two Oberlin faculty members from different departments accompany 25 students to London. Students register for two six-credit courses offered by the Oberlin faculty. In addition, they take a third course taught by resident London faculty, either on the history of London or on British or Irish literature.

Students on the program are registered at Oberlin College, and their courses are Oberlin College courses, so there is no need to transfer credits, and your financial aid travels with you. Moreover, the Financial Aid Office adjusts aid packages to take account of those living costs — mainly housing — which are higher in London.

Since 1974, Oberlin’s London Program has profoundly changed many students’ and faculty members’ lives. Those of you who enroll are in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Latest Blog Entries

Last Hurrah
by Prof. David Walker '72
Teaching a program this intimate and intensive, you can't help getting attached.
››› May 8, 2012

by David Tisel '13
"Sports bars" in England are a different breed from their American counterparts.
››› April 26, 2012

Cold War Spies
by Arielle Swernoff '14
We went to Berlin, Prague, and Budapest, which is the exact route that Western spies took when defecting to the Soviet Union.
››› April 1, 2012

The politics students head north
by Prof. David Walker '72
The politics group visits South Tyneside.
››› March 30, 2012

Cathedrals and Some Traveling
by Robin Wasserman '14
Both Barcelona and Paris are everything they're cracked up to be.
››› March 28, 2012

Graveyards etc
by David Tisel '13
So here we were in this old Victorian cemetery that was mostly overgrown and generally closed to the public, having this world famous author (who went to Oberlin) tell us about these huge mausoleums and tombs that the rich families in Victorian London built for their dead.
››› March 19, 2012

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